How I Started as an Entrepeneur

How I started as an Entrepeneur -The First Five Years


In my opinion, most people don’t start out in life determined to be an entrepeneur: it is more to do with an aversion to being an employee, and valuing personal freedom. Money is in itself important but understanding how the “money” system works is even more important, and since this is not “taught” as such, it is a self learning process.

I recently saw a Video which sums up the situation extremely well – Entrepeneurs Need to Know About Money.  

My Journey

In 1974, I was no longer part of the RAF – discharged, by choice – and living in a derelict cottage in the middle of Norfolk: I was a qualified electrical engineer, with a BSc Honours degree to show for it, but had no intention of pursuing a career in any way connected with engineering.  I had some money saved, but not very much.

To be honest, I had at the time no clear idea or vision of what I wanted to do, only that I was interested in making money, preferably in a way that did not involve a “9 to 5” existence and which also did not involve climbing some corporate ladder.

Within a few months of leaving the RAF something happened which changed my life and started me down the “entrepeneurial” path – from which there has been no return! Little did I know what fate had in store for me…but I am very grateful that I was shown a path.

One day I noticed a leaflet stuck to the windshield of my car, which invited me to check out a Business Opportunity, with an introductory meeting at a Hotel in Norwich – the “capital” town of Norfolk and about 25 miles away.

The opportunity was from a company called Golden Chemical Products.

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