The Importance of the Right Domain Name


Themes and Branding from an Investor Perspective

Just a thought about Domain Names and Themes and Branding.

If you take the view that your purchaser will normally purchase a Domain Name for a business or business idea, then it seems to me to make sense to have Domain names that are descriptive and lend themselves to a Theme or Brand.

In our case, we are not like Mike Mann in that we cannot afford the massive portfolio that he has accumulated, and it seems to me that there is an element of “pot-luck” involved in his choice of domain names and finding a Buyer. He must have some system  and good luck to him!

It is also my experience that Domain Names can take many years to sell and the key to reducing this time frame is:

(1) to choose the right Domain Names with potential
(2) to make sure that they are heavily promoted and marketed to the greatest possible audience.

We have accumulated a small domain portfolio over the years, and have always tried to choose domain names that fit with our own business experience as having potential for other Business owners.  I like the idea of themes – for example, domains beginning with everyday words like “just” or “easy” – as can be seen on our InternetDomains.ForSale website. Where we need to improve is with raising the profile of our site – Work In Progress!!   I also like the idea from for monetarising or renting domain names without actually selling them. I am working on this concept – it seems to me that I can take this one step further with our WebMaster programme and advertise a “Ready for Business” Domain with a working site attached available for Rent. Any comments welcome.

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