About the Domain Buddy Blog

This is me – Domain Buddy – relaxing on a night out in Crete.

Why the name Domain Buddy? Because I chose it as a Social Media Name some years ago to reflect my work involving domain names, websites and my online consultancy business – Power Comms.

I have used links extensively in this website to provide additional information to readers – my favourite source being Wikipedia. The advantage in using external links is that it does not clutter up the site with unnecessary text, photos and images. Clicking on the Domain Buddy Logo – top left – will take you to the Blog section.

Domain Buddy Relaxing
Domain Buddy Relaxing

So Why Start a Blog Now?

The honest answer is that I did not think that people would be that interested in my life experiences, what I had to say, and my personal opinions …. until recently.

Furthermore, I am basically a private individual who tends to keep his opinions to himself, and so the thought of becoming a “public” figure whose life story and views were in the “public domain” was rather a frightening concept. 

But finally, after 50 years in business as an entrepeneur, with 2 failed marriages, and a wide range of interests and experiences, I needed some sort of therapy for myself and a way to reveal to close friends and family how my life unfolded, my own values, and how I became what and who I am today.

For many years, there were certain events from my past that surfaced in my memory time and time again – mostly when I was trying to get to sleep. So I started to write them down. I soon realised that the best way to write and catalogue information was on a website.

One lasting shared great life experience was at RAF Cranwell, which covered 5 years between 1967 and 1972: once I started my “memoirs” I was reassured to realise that my “old” RAF  colleagues were not only interested but very supportive – for this, many thanks!

There have also been bad experiences in my personal and business life which make me exremely angry to this day, and it has been very difficult to recall and write about these painful memories.

So What Changed?

A number of things have changed in  50 years, and the Internet is probably the most significant change for all of us.

We have all experienced the explosion of and – some would say – intrusion of Social Media into our lives – Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to name a few of the culprits.

With the social media “boom” the older generation – like myself – risk being left behind.  Social Media also plays an important part in business: people like to know who they are dealing with and expect some personal information and a reference point, and email correspondence is not enough on its own.

But on the plus side, the Internet has provided a much better way to communicate – if someone publishes memoirs or a book about his/her life or work, there is no way for readers to communicate or give instant feedback to the author or share information with other readers. Now, the internet provides the ability to instantly comment on, or to correct or add to any information.

Up until now, I have built only commercial websites with static pages for my telecoms and other businesses. With this evolving Life Blog, I have the right internet “vehicle” to share my many experiences and interests with anyone who is interested!

Please feel free to add any comments or shared experiences in the comments section avalable at the bottom of each blog or page. I will respond.

The Guidelines I have used

Accuracy and Honesty

As far as my life history is concerned, I have tried to be accurate and factual, and to make it interesting to my readers. I have tried to avoid personal opinions surfacing in the early Blogs.

The early years 1948 to 1974

Obviously, personal history involves family and relationships, and so I have also tried to be diplomatic where necessary! If I do not have “positive” memories, then I have omitted them – “airbrushed” them out of this account. It is not my intention to cause offence.

Where I have mentioned specific friends and family members, it is because they mean a lot to me and it is my way of reinforcing this – even though I have been out of contact with many of them for many years for which I apologise. It is part of who I am.

40 Years in Business – 1974 to 2013

During this period, I was living in the UK, mostly in London, and started my adventure into the world of business and “entrepeneurship”. Again, where I have mentioned friends it is because they mean a lot to me and I very much appreciate their friendship: business colleagues on the other hand are mentioned where necessary! It is rare to have a good friend who is also a business colleague.

2013 to the Present

At the time of writing, I have yet to start my account of this period of my life. Suffice to say that I am living in Crete and continuing my internet consultancy businesses from this beautiful island, whose climate reminds me very much of Africa. 

Personal Opinion

This is both a “Life Blog” covering my own life, and a traditional “Blog” in which I also express personal opinions on all manner of topics, both business and personal.

Having spent so many years as an entrepeneur, and seeing a number of Governments come and go, and witnessing our UK “democratic” process at first hand, I have strong personal views on many issues – affecting Business and our private lives.

I have little time for Politicians – it is clear to me that where our “democracy” is concerned, we are choosing to elect people to govern us who are in truth in Politics for one of two reasons – Power or Money. And in many cases for both reasons. This of course does not only apply to the UK. It seems to me that with so much power and influence wielded by the big institutions (financial, energy and media) the politicians who theoretically control their activities are far from independent.

Is there a better solution? Many people would argue – with some justification – that the “democratic” process, although flawed, is the best available safeguard to personal freedom – in other words, it is the best of a bad choice. I have thought for some years now that if there was a way to elect our “leaders” or “Life Representatives” where neither Power nor Money was their objective, this would be a big step forward. 

And the most important issues facing us all as individuals – such as third world poverty, climate change and conservation – could then be given the top priority they should receive. Perhaps the answer could be a new system of Government – where people are elected to serve on the basis of what experience they can bring “to the table” which will benefit all of us, rather than benefit them. 
This would be a true service to one’s country.