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I am no big fan of OFCOM: being part of a small business, we seem to be constantly fighting both our competition and the Regulators.

OFCOM – the UK Communications Regulator – has an unusually large remit.

From initial responsibility only for the telecommunications sector in the UK, it has now assumed control over all types of communication in the UK, including Broadcasting (TV Satellite etc) and even the Postal Services.

My experience is that too often OFCOM has been guilty of siding with the large operators in the Telecoms sector, and not supporting the smaller. Recent examples are the handling of the “Nuisance Calls” problem and the proposal to do away with revenue share on Non Geographic Numbers

The first has led to large rises in call charges across the board affecting both the small business and the end consumer.

The second will adversely affect small businesses in the Telecoms sector, and lead to a reduction of choice of service for consumers.

However, this latest action by OFCOM is very good news for consumers of Broadband. For too long, the customer has been “locked in” to a Broadband Service  and this latest move by OFCOM is to be applauded!

Full Text of the September release from OFCOM - Good News for UK's Broadband Customers

“Simpler broadband switching in as little as a day”

“Broadband and landline customers will find it easier than ever to change provider and secure a better deal, under a new ‘One Touch Switch’ process announced today by Ofcom.  

The change means all home broadband users – including cable and full fibre customers – will only have to contact their new company to switch, with no need to speak to their current provider before making the move.  

People can already switch between providers on Openreach’s copper network, such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk by following a process where their new provider manages the switch. 

But for the first time, customers switching between different networks or technologies – for example, from a provider using the Openreach network to one using CityFibre’s, or from Virgin Media to Hyperoptic – will be covered by the simpler process. 

Currently, these customers need to contact both their existing and new provider to co-ordinate the switch, which includes trying to bridge the gap between the old service ending and the new one starting.

An Ofcom news release with more detail about the announcement is also available.”

Article reproduced from OFCOM Spetember 26th 2021

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